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  • Haugen, E., Thome, J. Pietrucha, M. & Levin. P. (In press). Mental health screening:   Identifying clinical issues. In J. Taylor (Ed.), Assessment in Sport Psychology Consulting. Champiagn, IL: Human Kinetics.


February 2014: "You’re Stronger Than You Think: Maintaining Motivation Towards Success”

  • Newsletter for the Ton of Fun Program at Fleet Feet Elmhurst. "Maintaining motivation isn’t about who has the most willpower or being mentally tough. It’s a dynamic, reflective process and the very heart of what the journey is all about." Read more here!


May 2013: "Facing Down an Injury", Experience Life Magazine

  • Interviewed on the mental aspects of injury rehabilitation. Injury of all kinds can be a physically and emotionally grueling experience. How you cope with injury is an important part of the process. Seeking help and utilizing resources can make all the difference. Read about how to cope with athletic injury and the impact a sport psychology professional can have on your recovery process. Read the article here!