Megan Pietrucha, Psy.D., LLC

Licensed Clinical & Sport Psychologist

Weight Loss & Wellness

We are busy people. We manage careers, relationships with friends and family, and try to save time for ourselves to relax (if there is any time left at the end of the week!). With everything we juggle on a daily basis, no wonder its difficult to find time to take care of our emotional and physical health. I firmly believe that in order to sustain our ability to take care of the things and people that are important to us, we MUST learn to take care of ourselves in healthy, timely, and effective ways.

There's no "magic pill" to lose weight, and even if there was, what about keeping the weight off? Losing weight AND maintaining your weight loss is the goal so that you can adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle. Effective programs that help people lose weight and keep it off address the physical AND emotional issues surrounding food, exercise, and health.

My approach is to combine mindfulness and behavioral techniques to help you feel healthier and happier. Together, we will create a plan for you to address fitness concerns, nutritional habits, and develop healthy body image. Ideally, we will also collaborate with your medical, fitness/exercise, and nutrition professionals to build a team to support your goals.*

FAQ about Weight Loss Services:

Is this counseling or coaching for weight loss?

Well, it's a little of both. I utilize coaching strategies to provide direct interventions that facilitate behavior change and increase adherence to your goals. I also combine this with an exploratory approach to understanding the deeper roots of issues with food, exercise and your body so that you gain insight into the behaviors that no longer serve you and have confidence to sustain your new goals.

Are weight loss sessions covered by my insurance?

Weight loss counseling may or may not be covered by insurance depending on if there is a clinical or medical issue confounding your relationship with food and ability to lose weight. To determine the course of treatment and if your insurance can be billed for services, an initial assessment is required.

What are the rates for weight loss services?

Initial Intake Assessment

$190 per hour*

Individual Session (55 minutes)

$155 per hour*

Missed Session

$155 per session

(*Fees as of 6/10/14 and based on a 55 minute hour. Fees are subject to change. You will be notified in advance if fee schedules change.)

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Fees are accepted with the following payment methods:

   Check, cash, and credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover)

*Important Disclaimer: Weight loss counseling or coaching services are NOT intended to be an independent method that is effective for significant weight loss. Services are intended to complement exercise and nutrition interventions and aim to connect all pieces that are essential in the process of weight loss. Dr. Pietrucha does not provide specific exercise or nutrition interventions as these interventions are outside the scope of her practice. However, addressing the motivation, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors surrounding food and exercise are included in her services. Clients should seek medical support to determine if they are healthy to participate in physical activity for weight loss.